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Saturday, April 19th, 2014


With the umpteen online lingerie stores that sell a fantastic range of lingerie products, women are totally confused about which store to visit to fulfil their lingerie needs. One online store that is worth browsing through and is guaranteed to fulfil all your lingerie requirements is the Not Naked lingerie store. This is on of the renowned online lingerie stores that offer you a stunning variety of... [Read more]

His & Hers Underwear

Often you find yourself quite fed up of shopping at the same mundane lingerie stores and feel like visiting some new store for a change. One of the best places that you can visit is His and hers Under This is a famous Irish Company that offers you a mind boggling selection of men’s and women’s under wear , night wear, T shirts, corsets, thongs, bras and any other lingerie item you have... [Read more]

Aguaclara Capri Underwire Bikini Top

Bikinis are one of the most popular lingerie products that woman have a real weakness for as they are inevitable during a holiday on the beach or when you plan to step into the pool. In the earlier days, there was not much of a choice as far as bikinis were concerned. However with online shopping having become extremely popular and with numerous international lingerie brands manufacturing exotic pieces... [Read more]

Lepel – Katie Padded Balcony Bra in Pink and Ivory

Bras are the most inevitable pieces of lingerie that are a must for all women across the globe. They are an important piece of lingerie that provides shape to your bust and gives excellent posture to your physique. With the numerous lingerie brands vying with each other to manufacture a stunning array of bras all made from a variety of fabrics, you become thoroughly confused about what to choose for... [Read more]

Elegant Secrets

Tried of shopping at the same old online lingerie stores and feel like trying out a totally new place where you have not stepped into. Then one online store that is guaranteed to provide you with a fantastic shopping experience is Elegant This unique lingerie store has in stock a fabulous range of all varieties of lingerie products all manufactured by the reputed brands like Cleo, Charnos,... [Read more]

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