Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Take it as an honest confession by a voyeur or an out of the way statement by a judge at a beach beauty contest…this kaftan by StarBlu makes just looking at it refreshing. In fact, the popular lingerie designer and maker of the United Kingdom, StarBlu has designed its thigh-length Blue St Lucia Butterfly Kaftan […]

Kaftans have undergone tremendous change from its original Persian style. The loose and flowing dress was worn by Persian men in olden time. Now Kaftans are available in colourful and different styles to appeal to the taste of modern women. The traditional Kaftans were conservative in style and came is simple shades. Modern Kaftans, on […]

Kaftans are long robes with wide sleeves. They are tied with a belt or a sash. Turkey is said to be the birth place of kaftans. The Top kapi Palace in Istanbul has the widest collection of the most eye-catching kaftans. Kaftans ornamented with precious stones and beautiful embroideries were presented to generals and high […]

A kaftan is a common cotton or silk button down shirt that is worn with a sash and usually comes to the ankle.  Kaftans are often embroidered on the front and on the sleeves.  These embroideries varied in color and often times the color of the embroidery vary based on the social or political ranking […]