Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Not every woman is blessed with a perfect figure and those who have lovely figure can consider themselves to be really blessed, as they can carry off anything they wear beautifully. There is no need for the less unfortunate women who have extra flesh in the unwanted parts or no flesh in the required zones […]

Bra buying might seem so simple as to be obvious. It isn’t. There’s more to it than fashion. There are different bras designed for different body types, bras for sports and activities, and a variety of fabrics for different purposes. No one bra can do it all branded medications are trademarks or registered trademarks of […]

Image via Wikipedia By Veronika Lazabal Psssttt… Guys? We have a secret. We love lingerie. There’s something about wearing something sexy or frilly under our business clothes that makes us feel utterly feminine. And we love it when you buy it for us. It’s like a little secret between the two of us. We know […]

By Ben Conrad For many men, buying lingerie is one of the great mysteries of life. Choose the right baby doll, chemise or lingerie set and you will be richly rewarded. Choose the wrong style and you can expect the cold shoulder for weeks. Despite its obvious challenges, finding the right lingerie does not have […]