Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Having a look at the catalogues of a number of leading lingerie manufacturers of the world, one could be condoned for maintaining that women come in seriously small sizes. If there is one lingerie maker that has dared the trend to prove the theory wrong, it certainly has to be Exposed Lingerie that has come […]

Opus is a comparatively new designer of lingeries that is nonetheless taking the United Kingdom by storm. Denim g-string by Opus stages an unusual combination of lace and denim making it not only delightful for the wearer but also something extra-ordinary. This lingerie piece suits the women that is hardly afraid to wear something different […]

The most attractive feature of Bluebell Print Lace G-String by Odille is obviously its striking colour of smooth turquoise blue. The turquoise print and lace string would evoke an instant cheer in the wearer’s mind. A luscious lingerie piece, Bluebell Print Lace G-String by Odille ideally combines an overlay of posh turquoise around the wearer’s […]

Exclusive Pampille String is all about a sassy little string that sits very low on the wearer’s hips. This is also the aspect of its that makes it the perfect lingerie piece to be worn under low cut pants. The string that can also be worn under skirts and jeans is quite feminine and stylish […]

One of the most popular summertime activities is going to the beach. Whether you live near the ocean, one of our great lakes, a small inland lake, or just a local swimming pool, chances are you will do some kind of swimming as the summer goes on. It is for this reason that people desire […]