Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Luxurious lingerie is something women across the globe have a terrible weakness for and are not able to resist even though they already have a stunning collection of such items. Be it a bikini bottom or top, a Tankini, a teddy, Basque, chemise, corset or garter, you can be sure that most women have it […]

Tankini tops are one piece of lingerie that is every woman’s weakness across the globe. No matter how many Tankini tops one may already own, they do not think twice about buying a brand new trendy top when they see it being launched in the market. Tankini tops make you look slim and alluring and […]

One of the most popular lingerie products that are a real weakness for almost every woman is Tankini tops. They make you look simply sexy and alluring and enhance your curves in a lovely manner. With the stunning array of Tankini products launched by the well known lingerie brands, you may find yourself having a […]

Tankini tops are one piece of lingerie that enhances you shape and make you look simply alluring and attractive. You have a fabulous variety of Tankini tops manufactured by the famous lingerie brands that makes selection of such pieces quite a tough task. One of the latest launches that belong to the Tankini category is […]

Are you by any chance going be a mom and are ravelling in the great news about having a baby? Then it is imperative that you go and purchase some lovely lingerie items that will be suitable for your changing physique and most of all extremely comfortable to adorn as your pregnancy advances. Suppose you […]

It is not when one follows the beaten path but when one tries something out of the ordinary that one gets noticed. The Freya Charleston Red Tankini has a bright, red and white bow print exclusive to the Charleston range of Freya lingerie and a unique pattern that make one sit up and take note […]

Are you pregnant and planning to go on a beach holiday this vacation? If so it is inevitable that you restock your beach wear lingerie and get ready to have a wonderful experience at the beach side. You have a wonderful range of maternity bikini and swim wear manufactured by all the well known brands […]

Looking around for some totally unique swim wear or Tankini Tops to adorn? Although you might be aware of the stunning range of lingerie products that are available online for you to take your pick from, sometimes you become totally blank about what will be perfect for your figure. There are so many lingerie brands […]

If you have been searching for the perfect Tankini to adorn while you visit the poolside or beach front, you just need to browse the umpteen online lingerie stores that offer you a striking range of Tankini and bikini all manufactured by the well known lingerie brands to take your pick from. However sometimes, you […]

Are you one of those women who love trying out the sexiest lingerie products that are launched by the best known lingerie brands of today? If so you have an exotic variety of lingerie items to take your pick from. Aguaclara is one of the most renowned lingerie brands that manufacture a stunning range of […]